"An Orbiting Dilemma" excerpt


A bit about me the author of this book. My name is Brett Wortham and people say I am very creative at the things I do. I wrote this book a couple years ago and have been having problems getting it published since. A friend of mine who works with my Dad pointed me in the direction of KickStarter. So if you're now reading this you probably got the link here from that website.

A little more about me. In the last 7 years I have been a survivor of a terrible car accident with my little sister. She was the one driving. And I thank God every day that I was the one who got the worst out of it and not her. But because of that wreck it put me in a wheelchair for a while with none of the docs thinking I'd ever be out of it. But to their mistake, and much fortune from God, I'm up and walking again right now. Even though I have to either use my walker or my cane to walk that is still a wonderful blessing! 

So I hope you will read my story and like it enough to help me to get it published. I am going to use Trafford Publishing for this and if you want to look into that yourself there will be a link for it on the link page. 

Anyways sidenote here. I am also in the market to find my significant other and if you just happen to be a girl within the age range of 19 to 29 years (desperate and pretty or just pretty desperate) and very preferably LDS too (if not and you're still interested let's talk and find out what's what) and also live within a decent range of Douglas Wyoming, where I live, (can't drive yet still sorry, was in a car accident that put me in a wheelchair for a while you know) and if you come to like my story so much in a frothing at the mouth sort of way please contact me. It would be beneficial for both of us. ;-)